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Are you virtual? If not, here is why you should be….

There is an industry-wide trend towards virtual, dispersed teams. Our research indicates that current business practices associated with the recruitment, utilization and retention of consulting professionals causes both margin compression, and a significant loss of revenue opportunities. Inadequate support systems force unwanted turnover that drains profitability by a factor of five times the median consultant’s salary.  Inefficient and unverified skills matching for each subcontractor pool of 2500 consultants, deployed at a 5:1 ratio, prevents the capture of approximately $80m of additional revenue, $12.5m in net income and $.01 in earnings per share.  The use of itCONSULTmp’s roster of benchmarked best practices reduces the cost of validating candidates for both permanent and temporary hires by an average $32,000 per recruiter per year, and further leads to a re-allocation of up to 15% of a manager’s time currently wasted on non-billable invoice reconciliation and client queries. The use of best practice, electronic skills and requirements matching, drives the efficient deployment of subcontractors towards more valuable, and more professionally attractive high-skill assignments.  itCONSULTmp’s benchmark research reveals that such best practice usage delivers a 7% higher EBITDA, and a 17.6% lower Cost of Sales than the consulting industry average. The macro, industry-wide trend towards the application of these best practices, and the network efficiencies which they leverage, will inevitably become the norm.  We project leadership in this space will be highly rewarded.

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