itCONSULTmp Skillsmate

The complexity of most engagements prohibit a reliance on personal recommendations or imperfect, outdated recollections. No current talent management system validates skills, they only acquire CV’s. Some do key word searches and perhaps multiple choice tests.     The itCONSULTmp Validator service is cloud based and easily integrates into existing processes. With itCONSULTmp candidates are required to write code and it is then graded by an algorithm.  Our data indicates that this service saves over $2 million dollars per 100 project managers.   This includes $32,000 per each USA-based recruiter per year. It’s a tool that can be used to better qualify in-house teams as well, BEFORE they are sent to clients.

We have mapped and validated the skill sets that consulting companies seek, AND we provide a 100% warranty on ALL of them.  If for some reason a consultant is the wrong fit, we don’t charge.   For example, itCONSULTmp is the ONLY place where companies and consulting firms can find 100 % warrantied and validated Hyperion Consultants. The itCONSULTmp VALIDATOR service ensures that Hyperion consultants can be matched to work, and qualified for clients in real time…….