itCONSULTmp Skillsmate

psaEven the best performing professional service organizations face continuous expectations to drive growth and increase  profitability. Meeting those expectations involves successfully managing a multitude of details around projects, staff utilization and finances. Billing rates must remain competitive, resource supply and demand must be managed and project profitability maximized. Maintaining a clear and complete view of everything that impacts engagements, from forecasting and planning to resource management and project delivery is critical.

itCONSULTmp’s Professional Services Automation (PSA) selection and implementation services puts you in control of your resources and service-related business processes by providing a detailed, dashboard view of all tiers of your services organization, from business, resource and customer perspectives.

Opportunity and Resource Management: Analyze, track and forecast client opportunities and requirements through pipeline management, including forecasting and profitability analysis. Get a comprehensive view of resource forecasting; define and track contract details through engagement management; and gain  visibility into the entire services process, from marketing outreach to project delivery.

Customer Life-Cycle Management: Support the entire customer life cycle from initia l contact to service delivery and ongoing support. Make sure projects stay on track and on budget with project and portfolio management; assign and track internal and external resources; share knowledge across the team and capture critical customer feedback.

Financial Management: Transform your services organization into a strategic growth driver for the business. Accurately forecast services revenue and backlog; track time and expenses in detail; expedite invoicing, revenue recognition and reporting; monitor financial performance and profitability with reports and dashboards; and seamlessly exchange data with other financial systems.