itCONSULTmp Skillsmate

exchangeitCONSULTmp’s Professional Services Process Optimization (PSPO) services are supported by a best-in-class meta-tool that defines, manages and automates requirements gathering and complex matching. Because this functionality allows designers to re-use methodologies and code, they can better focus on solving important business problems. It applies best practices automatically, which reduces design and development time significantly. Specific function points include: process definition and deployment, metrics collection and analysis, project reporting and continuous process improvement protocols.

Automated process best practices and code generation positively impacts the bottom line. itCONSULTmp’s Professional Services Process Optimization (PSPO) services has reduced design time by 20-30% and increased the code generated by 60-85% for the industries lowest cost provider. It saved $180,000,000 in avoided rework alone and enabled the achievement of CMMI Level 2 and 3 compliance in record time; three times faster than any previous implementation. Such rapid, managed compliance meant that fixed bids for CMMI 3 Government contracts were awarded much faster than competition. It directly resulted in $1,000,000,000 in new business and increased profitability by 16.7% compared to peers, as illustrated below.