itCONSULTmp Skillsmate

itCONSULTmp has identified a path to significant equity value for partner organizations by converting items that are currently discarded into a high, multiple to revenue entity.

Current practices and methodologies used to source, select and retire candidates, employees and contractors via the web, waste valuable data. Such misuse reflects insufficient awareness for both the opportunities and challenges posed by a future transformed by fundamental changes in the human capital ecosystem. Unrelenting and game-changing conditions like a globalized workforce, contingent staffing, electronic requirements gathering, project management and training, dictate the need for an innovative reset in the way companies curate applicant queries and employee retirements.

Skillsmate Strategy and Tools

New disruptors like itCONSULTmp’s SKILLSMATE.NET rely on two factors for success: technology and community. Our proprietary supply and demand exchange model, domain-specific testing functionality and data base repository unlock the value of underutilized applicant and retired employee talent pools. Leveraging the validated labor emergent in existing website traffic and electronically matching those skill sets to projects, enables companies to cost effectively capture significant, unmet customer demand, and optimize data currently discarded. Integrating the embedded SkillsMate technology in this way creates an entity with an equity valuation of up to a 12X revenue multiple.

Operational & Equity Value from Underutilized Assets