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IT Capital is a merchant bank formed to strategically identify and invest in proven, mature, middle market software and technology companies with high recurring revenues, and to aggregate back office “carve outs” in industries where electronic market places will be transformative.

IT Capital has a management team with hundreds of combined years of experience in finance and the software/technology sector. The firm owns a suite of proprietary financial and operating methodologies with a proven track record of achieving sustainable financial success regardless of the economic cycle.

A critical element of the firm’s success is a technology stack worth over $660M and built over 30 years which includes Dark Star Cloud: the only proven, scalable, mature, and secure cloud computing solution specifically designed for enterprise class applications. IT Capital is differentiated by its unique experience in restructuring INDUSTRIES for optimization. This  includes eliminating $1B in costs for the Australian fresh food industry and increasing INDUSTRY-WIDE earnings by more than 14% – a case study written up by MIT.

IT Capital currently owns a portfolio of software and technology companies that provide 30-60% free cash flow and are providing operating platforms and solutions for its strategies. The firm has the technology and processes to track over 6500 software and technology companies that fit its four-pronged strategic acquisition model.

  • Strategically identify, acquire and restructure software and technology companies to provide low-risk, ongoing yields for its investors, while creating platforms to support its other strategies
  • Identify and create industry-wide e-marketplaces – similar to Expedia – that do complex matching of supply and demand.
  • Streamline and optimize the entire value chain of those industries, driving out significant redundancies, waste and costs, while providing liquidity to the e-marketplace.
  • Provide a low-risk, high-yield, alternate asset class investment fund that is driven by yield in the range of 12-15%, secured by the cash flow of its investments.