itCONSULTmp Skillsmate

itCONSULTmp is focused on helping consulting companies free themselves from the bookkeeping tasks that firms are subjected to during the billing process.  Partners and other professionals waste approximately 20% percent of their billable time on this non-revenue generating activity, which creates tension with clients.  Fully half of all customer complaints and dissatisfaction stems from this issue and it eventually becomes a wedge between you and your clients that leaves the door open to competition.    itCONSULTmp mitigates this unnecessary frustration and prevents this issue from becoming a wedge between firms and their clients.

itCONSULTmp will:

  • Monetize the billing & resource management department into an income injection for your firm.
  • Provide superior billing and invoicing services that result in both faster collection of fees and fewer corrections.
  • Create an electronic market place for both the efficient acquisition of billable skills and the means to put all your human capital to work….with a cost of sales that approaches zero.
  • Eliminate the risk of staff and business process changes to your firm, because most of the staff you know remain in place and become our staff.
  • Do all of this at a lower cost than your firm spends now.