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Interesting to see that changes in the Consulting industry are being widely discussed now

Human Resources Consulting Market Index 2014: Q3, HR Technology & Transformation
Demographics is the key word in HR consulting nowadays, and the HR Technology & Transformation (HR T&T) market is deeply affected by changes in demographics. The aging workforce and skill gaps in a globalized world are pushing companies to come up with solutions to address these problems. Expanding the role of the HR department outside of its traditional boundaries forms part of the solution package. This transformation can be low tech or high tech in nature, but most often combines aspects of both.
From an industry standpoint, the largest sector in the HR T&T segment is manufacturing. Skill shortages continue to plague this industry, placing tremendous stress on HR leaders to attract, manage, develop and retain talent. This situation is exacerbated with manufacturers expanding into global markets, leading to distress. In manufacturing, the HR T&T consulting projects are focused on selecting and deploying talent management technologies for strategic workforce transformation and learning development programs.
With these and other factors in mind, the Q3 installment of Kennedy’s exclusive study on HR consulting markets features overall HR consulting market size and growth rate, and a three-year forecast, plus HR consulting market share by segment.
This release also takes a deeper dive into current and forecasted growth across HR Technology & Transformation Consulting, for which market size and growth figures are included.

Human Resources Consulting Market Index 2014: Q3 includes:

Rankings of the 10 Largest HR Technology & Transformation Consulting Providers by Revenue and Market Share

Market Share across HR Consulting Segments:
• HR Benefits
• Human Capital Management
• HR Technology & Transformation

HR consulting market index 2014

Market Size and Growth Forecasts by:
• Key Geographic Region
o Asia Pacific
o Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)
o Latin America
o North America

• Client Industry
o Aerospace and Defense
o Communications and Media
o Financial Services
o Healthcare
o Manufacturing
o Natural Resources and Power
o Public Sector
o Transport and Logistics
o Wholesale and Retail
o Other Industries

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