itCONSULTmp Skillsmate



  • Transforms professional services into a strategic growth driver.
  • Optimizes deployment and utilization of consultants by matching their skill-sets to project requirements across multiple projects using our patented complex matching technology.
  • Reduces costs, maximizes revenues and improves customer satisfaction with more precise and timely matching of people to projects.
  • Enables a consultancy to easily supplement its workforce and manage subcontracting engagements when necessary to capitalize on marketplace demands.
  • Significantly reduces the amount of time consultants spend on pre-consulting tasks, invoicing and paperwork, increasing profits, retention and ROI.
  • Increases bid to win ratios with transparent, fixed pricing


Pre-Configured, Best-in-Class Services

  • Cloud Based Talent Pool for efficient and reliable staffing and skills matching
  • The itCONSULTmp Validator services to screen candidates before costly interviews
  • Exchange functionality that automates the re-use of project methodologies and code